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Dusted Valley represents our family’s quest to fulfill a dream of crafting world-class wine in the Walla Walla Valley. Our estate vineyards yield wines with classic earth, minerality and acid while featuring a freshness true to Washington State terroir. This, combined with our old world techniques and innovative winemaking attitude, result in strong vintages year after year.


Current Releases: Whites & Rosé | Bordeaux Style | Rhone Style

Whites & Rosé

2009 Old Vine Chardonnay, Yakima Valley / $30


This wine is made from the oldest Wente clone Chard vines in Washington State! The vines were planted way back in 1971 and celebrated their 38th birthday last harvest. The wine is aged sur-lee for 5 months and only spontaneous partial M-L is achieved. The result = Rich, Clean, Crisp, Unadulterated fruit and balance.

140 cases produced

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2014 Chardonnay, Yakima Valley / $34 (STS - $28.90)


This classic Washington State Chardonnay hails from one of the state’s top vineyards for white varietals. Sixty percent of the lot was fermented by wild yeast strains from the vineyard while the remainder was inoculated with an isolated yeast strain. The wine went through thirty percent secondary malolactic fermentation preserving its beautiful fruit flavors, racy acidity and natural balance. This is an amazing food wine that should be the star of setting your imagination on fire with pairing possibilities.

300 cases produced

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Food Pairing Suggestion: Thai Inspired Black Cod in Parchment - Janis Frey, SAVOR (click to download recipe)

2013 Ramblin' Rosé, Columbia Valley / $24 (STS - $20.40)


It’s time for some “real” pink people! Rosé as it was intended to be… The grapes were harvested between 20 – 24 degrees brix and fermented to dryness in stainless steel tank at cold temperatures to preserve the beautiful aromas. The Ramblin’ Rosé is crisp, clean, fruit forward and utterly delicious. Why not enjoy the Spring Fling with a bit of the pink Zing! Go ahead and get into that bottle.

150 cases produced

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Bordeaux Style

2012  Malbec, Columbia Valley / $42 (STS - $35.70)

Yo, Mr. Gaucho man! Break out your boleadoras and let’s go snag some grapes and beef and call it a fiesta. In Argentina, Malbec reigns supreme. Well, we’re here to show you the Argentineans have nothing on Washington Malbec. Think of a spoonful of dark berry jam, a pinch of white pepper, all topped off with a sprinkle of loamy Dusted Valley earth. Invite your friends over and do the Argentinean Pasasdo. Grill it all on swords - chorizo, chavito, Bessie the cow or suckling pig.

288 cases produced

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Food Pairing Suggestion: Wine Country Chili - Janis Frey, SAVOR (click to download recipe)

2013 Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley / $42 (STS - $35.70)


The Cabernet Franc is an expression of what makes Washington State wine so great. Varietal typicity is spot on from the floral aromatics to the dark fruits, slate, and mineral. This generous vino is fabulously food friendly and fantastically franc-o-liscous.

275 cases produced

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2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley / $42 (STS - $35.70)

This is just a spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon from the Columbia Valley! This medium bodied wine is both lithe and expressive, with embracing tannins wrapping gently around a focused core of dried herb-accented black cherry and licorice flavors, dancing with finesse on the finish.

2,200 cases produced

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2012 V.R. Special Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley / $60 (STS - $51.00)

The blood, sweat and tears that went in to growing this wine are dedicated to the loving memory of my Grandpa Vernon Rhodes. He was a truly amazing man. This Cab takes its name from his miraculous chocolate chip cookie the "V. R. Special". I bet you wish you could dunk one in a glass of this wine right now. Rest easy Grandpa Rhodes. We love you!

This Cab has a beautiful bouquet on the nose, great fruit and silky tannin on the palate, and a lingering finish that will keep you wondering for minutes.

384 cases produced

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Food Pairing Suggestion: Braised Lamb Shanks with White Beans - Janis Frey, SAVOR  (click to download recipe)

2012 BFM Bordeaux Blend, Columbia Valley / $53 (STS - $45.05)


You’ve heard about Washington Merlot right? This wine is no exception my friends. The BFM stands up to its reputation of being the biggest Merlot based blend coming out of Washington today. We produce this wine for our wine club known as the Stained Tooth Society. The STS members suck up about half of the total production with the remainder being allocated to our distributor network. Get on board and score some BFM!

336 cases produced

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2011 Petit Verdot, Columbia Valley / $42 (STS - $35.70)

This powerful, deep colored wine consists of 95% Petit Verdot and 5% Merlot and hales from the famed Stone Tree and Bacchus vineyards in the Columbia Valley. We recommend you serve with caution...it's addicting! 

144 cases produced

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 Rhone Style


2012 Cinsaut, Walla Walla Valley - Stoney Vine / $32 (STS - $27.20)


Cinsaut is a lesser known but not forgotten grape from the South of France also planted in Lebanon, Corsica, Tunisia, Algeria, Morrocco and a couple more corners of the earth. Cinsaut Facts: There is actually more Cinsaut planted in France than Cabernet Sauvignon; A South Aftrican professor crossed Cinsaut and Pinot Noir to make Pinotage. Why? I don’t know! This Cinsaut is beautifully perfumed and full of the “Rocks funk”. The palate delivers layers of minerality, fruit and spice that keep unfolding in your glass. Its supple texture will keep you coming back for more.

72 cases produced

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2013 Grenache, Stone Tree Vineyard - Wahluke Slope $39 / (STS - $33.15)

We’re fans of Chateauneuf du Pape but then again who isn’t? If you want to experience the phenomenal intrigue of Rhone varietals in Washington State today hurry up and poke your nose in a glass full of this stuff. Then, once the juice hits your palate your senses will be warped right into the Rhone.

144 cases produced

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2013 Mourvédre, Walla Walla Valley / $39 (STS - $33.15)

A blend of 80% Mourvédre and 20% Petite Sirah from our Stoney Vine Estate Vineyard, this wine will knock your socks off.  We love the lush ripe fruit with the powerful backbone that this wine brings.  The DV boys made only 167 cases, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!

167 cases produced

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2013 Squirrel Tooth Alice, Wahluke Slope / $39 (STS - $33.15)

The namesake of this old Dodge City, KS lady of the night lives on famously. The sex appeal of this wine jumps out of the glass with loads of seductive allure. You're gonna love 'er. If not, you'll have to have to answer to Alice's pet ground squirrel. No kidding. She had a pet ground squirrel...How else did you think she got her name???

195 cases produced

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Food Pairing Suggestion: Sausage Sandwiches - Janis Frey, Savor (click to download recipe)

2013 Wallywood, Columbia Valley / $42 (STS - $35.70)


Wallywood is an inspired wine and a nod to the beautiful grapes of Washington State from Walla Walla (Wally) to
Woodinville (Wood). This is a big, bold blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah and Mourvédre and is an expression of all things Rhone. Drink some and express yourself!

205 cases produced

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2013 Stained Tooth Syrah, Columbia Valley / $36 (STS - $30.60)

Purple is our favorite color. You know you’re drinking the good stuff when your teeth develop that unmistaken hue. As Chad’s father Dr. Dan Johnson D.D.S. says, “Life is too short to stain your teeth on cheap wine.” This Syrah is a Washington classic with fresh and vibrant blueberry and cassis flavors, shaded with mineral and pepper notes that linger enticingly on the open finish.  It is also happens to share the name with Dusted Valley’s infamous wine club, The Stained Tooth Society.

864 cases produced

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Food Pairing Suggestion: Grilled Salmon with Red Wine Lentils - Janis Frey, Savor (click to download recipe)

2013 Tall Tales Syrah, Walla Walla Valley / $60 (STS - $51.00)


300 cases produced | Technical Information and Ratings>>

Most families have that special person that can capture your imagination with great stories about the "good old days". My grandpa Fred was that man in our family. Whether it was his heroics on the river as a young boy or the mighty bears he slayed in the big woods his stories were always fascinating. Perhaps this is why I chose to be a winemaker. Every bottle is a new story waiting to be told. Some of these stories will become legendary!

2012 Rachis Syrah, Columbia Valley / $53 (STS - $45.05)

This wine employs the traditional technique of whole cluster fermentation - stems and all. Funky and earthy, this process adds deep layers of complexity to our beloved witches' brew.

240 cases produced

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2013 Petite Sirah, Wahluke Slope / $42 (STS - $35.70)


You are welcome and encouraged to “stain your teeth” on this big bad boy. From the beginning this Washington Petite Sirah seemed to have a life force of its own. I told Corey he should have given it a little direction. But, nooo! He said the wine could find its own way through this cruel world. It is a dense, firm and expressive effort from Stone Tree vineyard - one of the warmest vineyards in Washington State.  It offers up chewy black plum and blueberry flavors that linger easily against those big refined Petite Sirah tannins. This wine starts big; stays big; finishes big.

550 cases produced

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Food Pairing Suggestion: Roasted Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with a Pan Sauce - Janis Frey, SAVOR (click to download recipe)

2009 Late Harvest Syrah, Walla Walla Valley / $35 (STS - $29.75)

We’ve heard our loyal customers ask for a long time to have something special at the end of a celebratory feast. Not intensely sweet by design, the Late Harvest offers those unique characters of wild game, herb and earth. This is a great conversation wine to be shared with friends and a round of sea-salt caramels. Enjoy the savory treat!

996 split bottles (375ml)

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